Wide range of Electrical & Thermal

Insulating Materials

One stop solutions for electro Thermal Insulating components and laminates for Steel Industries, Food Processing Units, Medical Equipment, Heating Appliances and Equipment, High Voltage applications

Silicon Mica Paper Insulation

Available Grade :

  1. Muscovite – Withstand Temp <600C 
  2. Phlogophite – Withstand Temp <900C 
  3. Synthetic – Withstand Temp <1200C 
  • Mica Paper Sheets
  • Mica Paper Tubes / Bushes
  • Mica Washers
  • Machined Parts
  • Molded Silicon Mica Parts
kozebi fabricated insulation
Glass Fiber Composite

Fiber Glass Composites

Fiber Glass composite Laminates Sheets, Tubes, Bush, Machined Fabricated Parts, Molded Components made from Polyester Resin, Epoxy and Silicone Resin.

  • Name Grade – GPO-1, GPO-3

  • Nema Grade – G10/ FR4
  • Nema Grade – G11
  • Nema Grade – G7

Composite Mica Insulation

Manufacturing Natural Mica and Silicon Mica Paper based Mica Sheets, Rolls, Fabricated Parts etc.

  • Resin Rich Micanite Sheet
  • Nomex Mica Plate
  • Glass / Polyester baked Mica Sheet / Rolls
  • Ceramic Mica Roll

  • Shellac Molded Micanite

  • Gasket Mica

mica composite

Ceramic & Non-Asbestos Insulation

Supplies Non Asbestos Cement fibers Insulation Plates, Fabricated Parts, also Ceramic Insulation Products.

  • Ceramic braided Ropes

  • Fiber Glass braided Ropes

  • Cement Fiber Insulation Plate
  • Ceramic Insulation Felt / Sheet